PDF Version of BAC Annual Book 2016/2017

PDF Version of BAC Annual Book 2016/2017


[Why a Book?]

Our story has always been about individuals coming together to realise a common vision of taking back the narrative of Borneo. It means that apart from our online platform, we will need to demonstrate our exploration in featuring Borneo art content through more tangible format. Since end of 2016, we decided it will be a crafted book with underlying Borneo artistic value.

[Making of this Book]

In fact, we are quite alerted by the fact that not many book in the market reflect Bornean cultural landscape that we can relate to. Therefore the same question frequented our mind, whenever we were browsing around the book store in our respective regions before we moved back to Borneo: 

How could we make a book that we could truly relate to, in terms of Borneo Art and Culture with a collective viewpoint?

The making of this annual book of Borneo Art Collective emphasizes on the exploration in book crafting in Borneo craftsmanship context.  Since mid 2016, we were looking at how the graphical languages could be incorporated into our book design.

[Request for Book Fund]

We have been working quite closely with our publisher and printing contact to engineer quality. However with the quality we trying to achieve, we are still short of 2400 GBP for our book.

In order to collect the fund for this book project, we decided to launch our a presale of our book during our road trip(1st of March till 30th of March 2017). Please support us by getting a book from here, as we continue our journey to rediscover and understand the simple human values that connects us all; a connection from Borneo to the world!

[Content of the book]

Since early 2016, we have been exploring Borneo's cultural context through theme based content groups. In 2017, we incorporated collaboration with artist  as our content driver. These content covered illustration, design, bodily art, music, photography and festival et cetera. These content will be incorporated into our book content in considered forms.


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