Borneo Art Collective is a content driving platform focusing on Borneo Art and Culture

Borneo Laboratory is a multidisciplinary platform for the experimentation of Borneo Aesthetics - an aesthetic that emphasizes collaboration and open dialogue. Our movement has been inspired by the idea of ‘Berjalai’- con­versing with the world, which is also a deep-rooted cultural ideal in the Borneo landscape.  

Since we began two years ago, we have held a number of regional collaborative workshop projects that have involved collaborators from France, Germany, the UK, Italy, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia over the course of 30 days. Thus far, our production covers products ranging from publication, documentation, crafts, curation and architectural design.

In our collaboration, we have been consciously engaging people of diverse disciplines. Regardless it is a publication or building, it is crucial for us to see our projects ended up delivering empathetic experience while embracing universal value.


What do we do? 

Looking back, we are proud to claim Borneo Art Collective previous projects have been social impact focus and award-winning.

We are interested in art, design, heritage, crafts, wellness concept or interesting stories that associate with Borneo culture. Our online platform exists to feature group(s) and individual(s) that are generous to share and promote what they are doing as part of this collective group. More importantly, help us to establish a map of Borneo creative crowd.

Who are we?

Borneo Art Collective Team is project based.

Previously, we organised our team through public participation model, educational workshop, exhibition engagement and profit sharing model. The instruments we used for our previous projects are kickstarter, facebook, Instagram, youtube, film screening, workshop and book. 


2017 TED X 'Be the Best' Installation Project

Tutor: Wendy Teo; Student: JunJie Wu, ZiRu Wang, Yi Zhang, JingShu Li, MengShi Fu, Fan Jin, Jiaoyue Zhao, Xin Liu, Danli Wang; Organiser: Nigel Wee


2017 Borneo Art Collective Book Project

Editor: Wendy Teo; Assistant Editor: Fabian Kenneth; Content Editor: Ami Lam, Samantha Wong, Francis Poh; Graphic Designer: Ngu Gok Chin and 40 content contributors on original content and stories. 


2017 Borneo Laboratory (Borneo X Taiwan X UK X France)

Organiser/Tutor:  Wendy Teo; Artists & Facilitators: Celine Papion, Alena Murang, Left & Right, Fabian Kenneth, William Khoo, Joyce Khoo, Eugene Chin, James Yong, Francis Poh, Samantha Wong, Ceres Lau, Stanley Ngu, Spencer Byles, Paula Byles, Albert Sii, Ami Lam, Keith Chin, Enoch, Joerg; Students: Jau Tung Wu, Yu Sheng Liu, Pin Zhen, Yu Jun, Sophia Li, You Jia Deng


2017 Pan Borneo Road Trip + Kickstarter

Producer/Curator: Wendy Teo; Director: Eugene Chin, Olga Stachowska; Sound Recorder: Karmin Shim; Early phase involvement: Carling Wong, Marcos Kueh, Jasmine Ng


2016 Theme Based Monthly Content

Content Curator: Wendy Teo; Content Editor: Carling Wong; Graphic Designer: Marcos Kueh


Wendy Teo

A UK RIBA qualified architect, awards-winning designer, educator and writer.

Her favorite quote of inspiration is an African one:

" If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together"

What is Borneo Culture?

From the indigenous tribes that live deep in the jungle to the post-colonial setting of urban folk, there is so much culture intertwined that makes us uniquely Borneo. This platform aims to promote interaction amongst the different cultural groups and to share it with all.

 2016 Theme Based Featured Projects

Our Anticipation for 2017

We aim to have a series of collective projects in art and culture in 2017.

These collaboration approaches and formats will varied depends on the involved context and collaborators. Stay in tuned.

This will continuously be updated and be built into a bigger community where the creative crowds from Borneo can exchange, collaborate and share their experiences.

Borneo Art Collective Book 2016/2017

About the Logo

The Borneo Art Collective is a local movement whose vision is to gather tangible and intangible Borneo culture into a collective platform to be shared locally in Borneo and abroad. The logo aims to reflect the core value of the platform by employing 5 tiles, depicting the 5 different ethnic groups found in Borneo, namely Ibans, Orang Ulus, Bidayuhs, Malays and Chinese. The design implies the fluid identity that widely exists in Borneo culture. Marcos Kueh, a Borneo born graphic designer, is the designer for the logo.