Tasty Timber

Tasty Timber




At BAY ONE, we are passionate about exploring and reimagining the use of existing

materials while supporting and developing skills of local craftsmen. We believing to take

action for creating values upon the use of materials in new contexts by integrating with

basic techniques or even the local production process in order to achieve the new

concept consisting of contemporary.

“Tasty Timber” is a result of what we found in Borneo where is best known for its

biologically diverse habitats and forest resources. We recognize that timber plays a

major role in creative business. Our aim is to deliver a story of local timbers in another

aspect by working together with local craftsmen towards sustainable use of natural

resources. We are constantly inspired by what surrounds us, especially when we least

expect it.

This project is an experimental material study which focuses on the use of local timber

wastes that we found during site observation. The core goal is to let the materials be the

heroes in this project. The starting point is thus a way of observing, where the saw dust

and the wood chips are no longer seen as a useable material. What we see is a potential

source awaiting its moment to be developed and explored. Therefore, we try to create

an integrated approach between the material itself and innovation by adding a hint of

modern design and transforming into a series of everyday objects that communicate

and engage with people.



- Local timbers and its wastes

- Tin box and containers

- Various types of glue and hardener

- Kitchenware Equipment


Bringing local practitioners together to create an optional use of waste local timbers. We

worked closely with local skilled craftsmen as we learn from one another and develop

new techniques together. We challenged both ourselves and the craftsmen in a new way

of vision and process that had rarely been done, which ended up as our final

prototypes. We received great help and support throughout the process at the factory

and also from all local vendors, who played a hugely important role behind our project.

Confessional Room

Confessional Room

Redesigning Bornean Crafts

Redesigning Bornean Crafts