Basket Table

Basket Table

Designer HDG TIMBER GROUP represented by Wei Sen Chao

Connect world culture with food

In Malaysia, there are Chinese, Malays, Indians and aboriginal cuisine. Nyonya cuisine was born of the fusion of Chinese and Malay dishes. Various cuisines are the achievement of cultural exchanges.


When I saw a basket made of bamboo and rattan on the street, I was attracted by its arcuate curve. It was very similar to the form I had set in the first place, so I made this design.

The tabletop is round because many tables used by Kuching roadside food stalls are circular. Some restaurants in Taiwan provide baskets for guests to place bags, so I made a large basket and placed it underneath the table for diners. Being detail oriented, I tried to design the table by avoiding straight lines, all presented with curves. This is the form I’m good at.

Application of Materials

Belian wood, Rattan

The Local Collaboration

During the time I worked in Stanley's factory, his woodworking master, A Zhong, reminded me of the features of belian wood. I didn’t realize it until I started to do my own work, which caused the damage to the first joint. Therefore I changed my joints design and it makes me feel the challenge of dealing with new materials.

Many thanks to


Thanks for providing me belian wood and the use of his woodworking factory, using his machinery, cutting wood prototypes, and introducing me to eat various dishes. His woodworking master taught me how to use local machines and told me the features of local wood.

Albert Sii, Clement :

Thanks for providing a workspace where I could make my hand shaping and joint fittings.

Borneo Lab:

Thanks for taking me everywhere to find materials, getting to know Kuching, and finding inspiration. They also connected me with their partners so that I could be more productive and reduced my production times.

Ritual Furnishing

Ritual Furnishing