Call For Collaboration

Call For Collaboration

Pan Borneo Road Trip Project

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Call for collaboration proposal

In order to reflect the collective nature of this platform, it is part of our plan to collaborate with different individuals. Whether you are a photographer, chef, videographer, writer or a just an individual with a great idea around Borneo - please get in touch!

The idea is - wherever we set foot throughout the trip, we would engage 1-2 local individuals or organisations to develop our BAC content.

Since we started this campaign, we have been approached by a few artists for collaboration - Borneo food, art and weaving. Some of them proposed interesting ideas for us to collaborate on. This could either be related to their respective practice, which we could directly produce content out of the process, or it could be an interest you think is worth exploring together.

We realise the best way to move forward is to build this project through collective wisdom. And this is why we are now opening this collaboration to the public.

Just enlarge the map below, click edit and add location to provide us with the following information:

- point of interest;
- the idea;
- process;
- time-scale involved; and
- content. 

Alternatively, you could get in touch with us by simply filling up the form below!

The outcome of the project will feed into our monthly feature content in video, audio or text format.

Looking forward to hear from you.

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Journey of Crowd Funding

Journey of Crowd Funding

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